Dear mother of god, i had to use a vb4 today!


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So i'm posting my build log of a custom case (built from scratch) to a bunch of PC sites.
Thankfully most of them are on updated software, like (i dont like their forums but it's not horrid to use), but two of the sites i used just a moment ago were on vb4.
After using xenforo, i'm clearly spoiled! i actually started to get aggravated at how simply trying to add pictures into the post was either a choir or simply couldn't figure out how to do anything other than add an attachment.
I actually moved from VB 4 and 5 to xenforo last april. a single year, and the move off of vb4 has left me looking at it on return like "why is this so difficult to use". even just uploading an avatar, i go to my page can edit my about info, but have to go to settings to upload an avatar?

anyone ever use old stuff you've left and just say "thank god i've moved on because this is just too annoying to use" when going to other sites?
I feel bad for the users, almost enough to gift those admins xenforo. I'm piss poor, so that'll never happen :p but if i had money i think it's something i'd actually do.

I don't think i'll be updating those build logs on those sites, or ever returning to them.
IF you're into all that geeky custom building/mods you can check out my build log, on my xenforo site Here
don't feel obligated to go, this is more for the uber geeks like me that salivate over that kind of thing.

hopefully i dont make the devs here mad, from my understanding they sold VB back around version 3? then made xenforo. If that's correct, well i'm not sorry, you've clearly made something good before, and now something light years ahead of it. even if you look at vb5, light years.


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from my understanding they sold VB back around version 3? then made xenforo.
Kier and Mike were talented developers working for VB
They never sold VB, they never owned any of it it as far as I'm aware, but went on to design Xenforo. VB had a court case against them
... there was some sort of settlement, I don't know what the details were, I don't think it was ever discussed, I believe not disguising it was part of the settlement agreement

Xenforo was built from the ground up, VB seems to have a lot of legacy issues, I haven't looked at VB for a long time, all I really noticed with VB is it's lag due to DB overhead and general bloat ... yet still some people prefer it (although this is increasingly becoming a minority)