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I want to build a site where people can hook up with each other for travel. I have a licence for a copy of Skadate, but since purchasing it $299 and getting access to their support forums, I think I'll give it a miss, pages of problems that go unanswered.

So I'm thinking about maybe building something on xF. I already have xF on one site, but its a vanilla install with no customisation at all. So my questions are, could I get xF into a passable meeting/dating site. Features required that are present in Skadate are as follows

Extensive profiles fields
Searching of profile fields to find trailmates
More than one profile picture
Subscription system with user group promotions
Simple Chat facility
Create events with RSVP like system
Travel Blogs

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You'll need add-ons for everything except the profile fields and user group promotions.

The resource section should include most of them.