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Database Importing


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What is the general long term/sort term impact of importing a database between different software's?

If you were to import a database multiple times between different forums, would there be any major issues?

As a very wild example, what could possibly arise in this case?

mybb > phpbb > smf > vbulletin > xenforo > invision power board > xenforo


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That's good. :)

I always thought moving software was like trying to move a block house to live in another country. Apart from the obvious difficulties, eventually cracks will start to appear and perhaps even the odd block might fall off along the way.

It appears to more like packing a suitcase and just making sure you bring everything with you.

Thanks again!

Adam Howard

Well-known member
phpBB > phpBB w/ WordPress Bridge > vBulletin > vBulletin w/ WordPress Bridge > vBulletin Suite > XenForo > IPB > vBulletin > XenForo

In between this I've merged a few other sites with my own and they used

Burning Board

So the full import and convert will be

phpBB > SMF > WordPress > phpBB /w WordPress > vBulletin > SMF > vBulletin w/ WordPress Bridge > myBB > vBulletin Suite > XenForo > IPB > IPB > Burning Board> vBulletin > WordPress > vBulletin Suite > XenForo

The only issue I ever had was passwords 2 - 3x. And attachments... Things would say they imported, but I'd still end up with BB code or wrong paths to photos.