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Database gets smaller after a new add-on has been added


I discovered a strange thing when I was installing a new add-on earlier to night. The database size before installation was 31.351.717 bytes. After the add-on had been installed the new database size is 30.865.285 bytes. How is that possible? (n)


I noticed mine got a little smaller lately as well. Didn't really add more add-ons though, but went from 10MB to 9.9MB... Which add-on was it? lol


ah, i don't have that one installed... not sure what's going on either.. >_> hopefully someone else can shed some light on it lol


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Databases have index data that take more or less space depending on your usage and if you add/delete large chunk of data.
Also, InnoDB tables in MySQL that are altered (e.g. during an add-on installation) are automatically optimized and space can be freed and retrieved at this time.

http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/optimize-table.html said:
For InnoDB tables, OPTIMIZE TABLE is mapped to ALTER TABLE, which rebuilds the table to update index statistics and free unused space in the clustered index.

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