XF 1.3 data:, on address bar after clicking "More Options" to edit post


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This is the ouput/error:

To re-produce this on my Forum:
  1. Open a Thread of mine
  2. Edit 1st Post (an overlay will pop-up)
  3. Click "More Options"
  4. Then, it will display a blank page with data:, on the address bar

Does anybody have an idea about this?

But not all of my thread, I can only re-produce this problem :/ just a few of my threads.


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Ow, I'm using Comodo Dragon Browser.
I tried Firefox and it's fine.
So this is a browser problem.
I think the "PrivDog" extension is causing this.
Thanks Brogan!


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Opz, this problem is happening on all chrome based browser like Comodo and Google Chrome.
Tested on browser without any extension or adblock installed.

It works fine with Firefox and Opera :/