XF 2.2 Daily Push Notification prompt

Hi, Every day, I see a banner on the footer of my site, prompting me for permission to enable push notifications. I do as suggested but it's back the next day. Additionally, I can't say I remember ever seeing a notification.

Has anyone else experienced this behavior?
I have a user reporting a very similar issue but am unable to duplicate the issue on my end. They see the push notifications banner and select "never show this again." However, the push notification banner is back the next day.

Would love to figure out why this is happening and solve it.

Update: I asked him if he was deleting cookies and this was the answer:

The same is happening to my wife's computer and my phone. As far as I know, we have a white list of cookies, and this site is on that list. So 🤷 I dunno. Just wanted to know if this was a glitch, a feature or amusing surprise. :)
It's stored by a cookie, like @jeb35 said above if you have your cookies set to clear after close, or are using a third party cleanup software this is working as intended.
I see the xf_push_notice_dismiss cookie is present, with a value of 1 and an expiry of 2023-08-22T03:33:37.000Z

As I actually chose to enable notifications, this seems counterintuitive, as I never chose to dismiss notifications, nor should I think there should be an expiry so soon, surely it ought to remember my choice until I logout
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