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Good day to you all.

My site is called Cycling I have been learning XenForo since beta 5 I believe.
I have no formal education on programing or any other computer teaching. The skin I use is called whistler2.

I welcome any and all comments and/or suggestions.

Just remember I have no formal education on this so things sometimes have to be broken down "barney style"

Thanks for your time!


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Looks nice! Love the logo! The signup/login in the notice is pretty good, gets it right in their face....

Although, I have to admit, I should have read your sig first...I was all set to get my V-twin on....LOL


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Put together nicely. From experience I've encountered with many users get lost in populated subforums, often confused where to open their thread. Since we trimmed %30 of our subforums and swiched to prefixes thread activity grew.

Switching to a Subforum Grid Listing would be another way to go if you see all the subforums necessary. Floris's Welcome addon is great. Even better one using a notice and style it nicely with this: Sign Up/Welcome Notice Best of luck and many success with your community.