[cXF] Remove Inbox and Alerts phrase

[cXF] Remove Inbox and Alerts phrase 1.0.0

No permission to download


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First register, then judge. Phrase changed to default for better understanding, for someone...

But please, don't register 😁 If you think I work like that run as far as you can 😉

Happy new year 🎄🎉🎅


There is no free membership offered, I am not wasting time to register when it is clear I will be charged...Yes perhaps you should rephrase many of your links and add a free membership link as well, if of course it's truly free


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Great! 😁 My register button bites🤣

Ok, please, don't waste my time it this thread any more. Thank you for your understanding.

And again - Happy new year 🎄🎉🎅


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To be fair BassMan, it is kind of confusing. On the page linked is says you don't have permission to download, then you have a massive banner with membership options and it only shows paid tiers. You should really add a column to explain there's also a free tier if you don't want people to bounce.


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I've changed text in banners. Maybe I'll also add the free tier in Membership page for better understanding.

Thank you @RobinHood for your feedback. I appreciate it.