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[cXF] Remove Breadcrumb only on forum list

[cXF] Remove Breadcrumb only on forum list 1.0.0

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BassMan submitted a new resource:

Remove Breadcrumbs on forum list - Removes breadcrumbs on forum list.


This add-on removes the breadcrumbs on forum list (top and bottom one). Some users think this isn't neccesary on forum link.

Screenshots (arrow points on breadcrumb that is going to be removed - on forum list only!):
View attachment 67924
View attachment 67925

Modifies the code in the following template:
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XenForo moderator
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I'm not sure whether you're aware but you can do this in EXTRA.css:
.forum_list .breadBoxTop,
.forum_list .breadBoxBottom
    display: none;


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I had this in my EXTRA.css before...

But now I see I have a lot of stuff in there. Kind of confusing, so trying to get in order with add-ons :)