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BassMan submitted a new resource:

[cXF] Log in OR Register - Add separator between Log in and Register button and customize it.

Add a Font Awesome icon or phrase as a separator between the 'Log in' and 'Register' navbar buttons as a clear indication of a call to action for logging in or registering on your site.

  • separate 'Log in' and 'Register' by a custom short phrase (such as 'OR')
  • set the font size
  • choose to separate 'Log in' and 'Register' by a Font Awesome icon
  • add a separator line on the sticky navbar to draw more attention to either option
  • customize the...
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This, combined with cXF Animation applied to the sign up button has a very high conversion rate from social media.

I have a small page (2500 likes) and I shared a post to it linking to my blog (though, you can use a thread).

If the content is engaging enough, a blinking sign up button (rephrased 'register' to 'sign up' and 'log in' to 'sign in' due to top sites in the US using this phrasing along with an 'OR' option) with an OR option is very eye catching and will convert.

According to Facebook, I got 77 link clicks with a 497 person reach over a 2.5 hour period (with peak times still occurring in the next 5 hours here). Of which, 2 members signed up.

Well worth the $7 investment.

I'd suggest struggling forums to implement this simple modification in order to convert to registrations.


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Love this tweak @BassMan! Simple but effective.
The color choices look very good on your forum for a CTA.

I'd suggest removing the sticky navbar line separator on your site though as it's meant to go straight down on squared buttons (removing radius so the buttons are square on the default theme) and hit the bottom.