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[cXF] Facebook Sidebar Block [Paid] 1.4.1

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[cXF] Facebook Sidebar Block - Add Facebook Page widget to your sidebar block with some extra features.

This add-on will add a Facebook Page widget to your sidebar. It's useful if you want to give users an option to choose if they want to have see a Facebook widget or not. Read more below.

*If you want to use Font Awesome icons you need to install this add-on: [cXF] Font Awesome Switch

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Yes. It was designed for default style, that's why I set auto-adjustable width.

I'll release an update later today, because I'm on mobile now.
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What's new in version 1.2.0:
  • plugin will show in sidebar container like all other sidebar widgets. Example on customizexf.com:
  • option to show plugin in sidebar, above or below forum list:

  • option to disable plugin on small devices with extra option to show a notice on small screens:
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... notice if plugin...​

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Twitter fits perfectly in the box but Facebook does not. Will I need to do this manually or will this work as Twitter does in the future?


ScreenHunter_500 Jan. 10 14.33.webp
It works for Facebook Pages like you can see on customizexf.com site.
Yes, I can see it on your site I joined last night hoping to get some insight...
As for your answer to my question & my response is... How do I know if its from a personal / company page or from a group page just by looking at it...

If you don't want me to buy it just say so & I won't bother.. End of story..
Some.. majority?
Anyway, is there a way to make it normal looking... (I maybe the minority here, but as it looks now is not appealing)

Its a fantastic extension and you have done a great job... but I would like it to look like a normal sidebar block :)
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