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This seems simple but I'm having trouble figuring it out. I'd like to be able to set my <title> tag for a specific template, in this case forum_list. Instead of having it auto populate with the Board Title, I'd like to set it to something specific in that page. I played around with a few things and I was able to change the open graph meta for one page but not the page title. I would also like to figure out how to alter the meta description for a certain page. Anyone know how I can do this?

Doh! After trying everything, I finally figured it out right after I posted this. Sorry!

<xen:container var="$head.title">
    <title>My Custom Page Title</title></xen:container>
well.. what I did

remove the board title from all pages but the forum home page (this will help your long tail SEO)
remove hide the h1 tag above the forum on all pages
set the board name to whatever you want
I did notice that still adds on the board title to the description.

So this:

<xen:title>My Custom Page Title</xen:title>

Ends up like this:

<title>My Custom Page Title | My Board Title</title>

Any way to completely get rid of the board title on selected pages?
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