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Add-on Customised plugin - paid, possibly more work aftewards..


Well-known member

I am looking for a developer to help me with a plugin that can be customised once made - such as language and / or adding options aftewards..
Basically I need a tab with the option to verify a person such as in trades or etc.
You would have a tab and when clicking the tab you can verify the member on their profile.

You would have some options on how you are verifying them - and then this can be displayed on their profile for others to see.

For example, I buy a phone off Jim, it works fine and I am happy, so I leave feedback..

However, I need to be able to have a drop-down selection of reasons for verification/feedback.
The feedback/veri should be able to leave a small icon and even we could consider a rating system...

I am extremely busy but will try to talk as much as I can with the dev to give better ideas if needed/

Does that make sense?
If interested please do send me a PM.

Many thanks