Style Custom vBulletin 4 skin to be ported, need quotes.


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I have a highly graphical skin for vBulletin 4 that was custom designed specifically for my forums. Now that vB pissed me off, and I'm on XF, I need to port it over.

The catch is that it's not HTML5 / CSS3 compliant, and is still layered using tables and some CSS. So not only does it need to port over, it needs a reconfiguration on the back-end. I'll allow some artistic license as I know the difficulty of what I'm asking for, but overall it must stay recognizably our look and feel. I will provide all PSD files and additional graphics to the winning bidder.

Please understand that the price that I agree to is the price that I will hold you to, and that I hold the final say in whether the port is completed or not. In accepting this you agree to fix any issues that I may find with the port for a period of no more than 2 months after the final version is accepted without additional cost to me. If you can agree to these terms, and would like to place a bid with a quote for service, please provide me with a portfolio of your work (via active URL or images), and at least two references from current or past clients with their contact information so that I may speak with them.

Attached to this thread is a copy of the background layout required, I need to reinstall vb and reapply the skin to give you a complete look at what you will be dealing with if you accept the job. I'll get this going this weekend and will post here as an update. Please don't post a quote until you've seen the size of the job.

Also, once I've placed the test site up for you to peruse, please provide the requested information and quote for service via Private methods. Once a price is agreed upon I will provide half the total up front as a retainer until the port is finished. Once I am happy with the completion of the port, I will provide the rest of the payment at that time.

The main reason I'm not porting this myself is that I simply do not have the time right now to do it.

Thank you for your time.

-- CR


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Please remove this request, I have made an agreement for this at this time. Thank you all for your consideration.