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Custom User URL's


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I think profiles could be greatly improved as they are kind of standard now. They are very clean, however they lack in a lot I believe.

I also believe that we could increase not only our website traffic but also user engagement traffic if user's profiles were linked more directly. For example: STORMS.mywebsite.com (send/receive email as well?)

Features to add:
  • activity stream of the users you follow
  • tab on users' profile showing users' blog
  • automatic embedding of streaming when user takes their stream "LIVE", for example: I enter my stream link twitch.tv/samplestreamlink and when I take my stream "LIVE" is appears at the top of my profile automatically with a chat.
  • social media sharing links
  • more to come...


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Activity stream of users you follow: http://xenforo.com/community/account/news-feed
Tab of blog: XF doesn't have a blog software yet
Not sure where embedding streams comes into it, that should be custom to your website.
Social media already exists I believe? If it's entered, it appears on the profile.
just trying to put ideas out there to make profiles more 'embraced'. Basically, putting more focus on members wanting to user their profile as a 'showcase' or an all-in-one type thing. I guess mainly the URL... it would serve as great 'self-promotion' to members.


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So you think:
{username}.{domain}.xyz should serve as a homepage?
For your members, yes.

Don't you think that makes more sense in making your members want to essentially use your site's domain as their primary contact? I think it makes complete sense.

I mean, from a user standpoint, they will love it and want to use it and make as much use out of it as possible.

Your homepage wouldn't change... this would be for individual members.


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Not sure if achievable via pure PHP (most likely there will need to be config modifications on the webserver's part).

However, Discuz! has done it before, and I quite like this idea.