Custom User Title Overide in Groups


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Hi guys!

I understand how the priority works, and I think its fantastic. However... I have a usergroup that just wont take it. I have it set to 10 priority, it still shows its members as "New Member".

I have made sure the peoples primary usergroup is "Registered" and "Registered" group has a custom of "Registered Member" and priority set to 1 (never gets displayed)

Anyways.. My main problem is with a VIP Upgrade, out of the 10 usergroups and custom titles that I have there is this one that doesnt display the custom title at all, with priority of 10. my other 9 seem to work ok.

I have 4-5 members in that group that show as "New Member"... Their user records clearly show only one additional group, and its spot on.

I also have a "Staff" Usergroup, and a custom override of "Staff" and it seems to assign it to new members or "Registered" users... So I had to disable it to not start confusion.

Any Ideas?


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On the face of it, it sounds as if it should work.

All I can suggest is double checking the user upgrade adds the member to the user group, and the user group settings are correct.

Other than that I'm happy to take a look if you have an admin login and are comfortable with doing that.