XF 1.4 Custom User Post Color

I've been searching around for a while both through code and through help topics trying to figure out how to set this up and can't seem to find a concrete answer of whether or not it's even possible. What I'm wondering is if I can use a custom user field to determine the default color of a user's post.

A lot of users on my forum like to post in certain colors but right now they just have to copy the code for their color into every post. I tried to put in this feature by adding a custom user field that they could enter a hex value into, then I added {$visitor.customFields.color} as the default color to be used in forum messages (if they have a value entered).

So what I'm asking is am I using the correct code to reference the custom field? And is something like this even possible?

Edit: I realized that I somehow missed something fairly obvious, I think I was using the field ID as a hex value for some reason. :/ Does anyone know how I would reference the value of a custom field with the ID 'color'?
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I suppose that could work if they put the color code in as a macro but most of the users who type using colors just keep the code on their clipboard to copy into posts so this would be about the same speed as doing that. I was mostly hoping to add something automatic so they could just type as usual and know that their post will use their selected color.

Thanks for the suggestion though. :) I'll keep it in mind.