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Well this used to exist but no longer....

Developers: Please Read the whole thread as the Free Mode also explains some things with the Pre-Defined Mode and Admin areas.

I am willing to $ for the development on this add one

but i wish for it to have 2 different modes

1 where users can design there own Banners and User Name Colors freely and apply them.
and one where we design them and have them Pre-Defined for users to choose from.

Note: on Pre Defined Mode user will not have access to any of the Free Mode Features Including the Public User Shares.

the Banner Text they will not be able to change.

with the mode i wish to have it set on each user group
meaning i can set it Free Mode or Pre-Defiend Mode depending on the user group.

say allow Free Mode for all staff user groups but Pre-Defined Mode For VIP members group.

user groups in Free Mode will have access both to Free Mode and Pre-Defined Features

The Pre-Defined Mode
i want is so where There is a custom Pre-Defind Banner Styles and Colour Styles for the user names For Each User Group there is like:

Moderator and so on.

this should be loaded from the current user groups listed within Admin

also an option where to allow certain user groups access different user group styling.

EG: the admin can choose the Banner and Custom UserName style from the pre-defined styles from VIP, Moderator, Registered User groups and so on...

like i could give all admin, moderator and other user groups such access.

and those who do no have access are locked to there Pr-Defined Styles for there own group. and unable to access the Pre-Defined Styles for the other group like Registered trying to access the Moderator Pre-Defined Styles group.

The Free Will Mode:
user's are able to access The Pre Defined Mode as well have access to the Free Mode.

The Free Mode will allow users to create there own Banner CSS and UserName color CSS

Username Color CSS such as this in admin panel:


so a User Name CSS Box like that they would have access to also some useful tools on the right like a color picker, Styling tools like Bold, UnderLine, and other Text formatting tools like Font Size,

if possible all the tools that xenforo has built in.

or have 1 box for the User Name CSS and another using the:
the built in Xenforo Text Editor
also for the TinyMCE Qutro Advanced Text Editor (preferably have support for this editor)
including the support from the following add ones:
and all the bbcodes from

with the text editor they can put in any text they want just to format it for there user name.
when they save changes will apply to username but not the text its self.
EG: i write Test in the text box i format it then save. my user name stays the same but the formatting of it changes.

now the user can either enter in CSS Code into the User Name CSS Box
or can use the text editor to format there user name which from there they may click the preview button to see how it would look. and then save if they are happy with the changes.

also i want it where when you copy the the formatting from the Formatted Text in the text box into the User Name CSS that auto translates into live CSS code for you. like BBCode conversion from a text editor into code.

i want the same user interface formatting as described above to be for the User Custom Banners.

i am unsure how this can be done i know that i can create custom code like this
{ border-color: #FF8C00;
color: #FF8C00;
text-shadow: 0 2px 9px #FFA500, 0 0 6px #FF8C00;
background: url("");

{ border-color: #FF0000;
color: #00FF00;
font-size: 12px;
background: url("");

{ border-color: #FF0000;
color: #FFFAFA;
font-size: 12px;
text-shadow: 0 0 4px #FFFAFA, 0 0 5px #FFFAFA;
background: url("");

{ border-color: #0000FF;
color: #0000FF;
font-size: 12px;
text-shadow: 0 0 2px #00FFFF, 0 0 2px #FFFAFA;
background: url("");

and place it into EXTRA.CSS

and then go under a user group and apply it here:

i would need for this add one to auto propagate this through all the themes and auto add it into them for new themes i may add in future.

so a custom css template would need to be made along side this add one probably storing all user creations or preferably like a user data storage folder of some kind for each user to store all there Custom made Color Names and banners they may also delete there creations.

i also want to make it where user may share there creations with the community if they have set the option on there profile any user who may want to design there own custom banner/username color style they will see there Private Share and the public Share which will contain the styles from the sharing users.


user one creates a folder for there styles calling it my Public share
and decides to share this folder with the community
User 2 goes to the custom User Name - Banner Design Control panel on there profile
they can see there private folders which they are not sharing the the Community Public share
User two click on Community Share
From there User two can see User one (username)
he click on his user name in the list
and see's the folders he is currently sharing
user two clicks on User One's Public Share Folder
then user two selects User Ones Style.

from here user two may export this style into one of his folders within his private share or may edit it and rename the style name or just save and apply it to his username/banner.

also included in the above scenario:
User able to have Custom Private and Public Folders
they may wish to name them what ever they want
users able to give a name for there saved style or rename them
able to delete, edit or move the style to another folder
able to share and make one of there private folders to the community the forming making that private folder public.
they are able to move, edit, delete a folder (allow sub folders as well)

there will be two sub sections one called User Name Styles Other will Be Banners
and Under Each Section they will have the created Folders For Those Section if they have any folders. they can alternatively save there styles on to the root Document folder which is the default Folder they all have and unable to delete.

also for the Pre-Defined Only mode and Free user mode Admins within Admin Section or the users who have access to the Admin Panel

who have access to the Permission to manage the Custom User Styles - Banners

may also have the same formatting features as the User's

with the User Name CSS box and Text Editor version
from the admin panel you can:
go to any user's personal styles folder
edit, move, delete well control all on the user's styles folders and styles

you may move them to other user's folders or create a copy of certain styles or the whole folder and place them int anthers folder/directory

you can select users by there user name and press migrate or move or copy to another user name

to clone, migrate or move there styles to the to the user name.

or the selected usernames allow an option to delete meaning it will delete all the users creations banners and username styles

also when admins creating styles from the admin panel

they may choose where to save it to there own personal space or anouther's personal/public space

or save it into one of the Pre-Defined Slots Under the User Group
Moderator, VIP, Registered, Admin and so on.

also when a user or admin is creating there User Style they must Specify by ticking a box saying is this a Banner or User Name Style

to make sure it is saved and applied to the right section.

banner for banner style
User Name Style for user name coloring/styling

this system must support FULL CSS! meaning all CSS rules
like custom sparkle backgrounds to borders.


any members who wish to add any other features please post bellow if they should be added in i will add your quote on my 1st post in this thread.
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