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XF 1.1 Custom User Fields


Well-known member
I want to require my members to give their location, and through custom user fields I can do that now. But the problem is, there is already a user field called 'Location'. Can this default user field be made mandatory, or is this possible only through custom user fields?


Well-known member
Why not add a "zip code" custom user field and make that the 'required' field? Unless, of course, the majority of your users/members are not in the States. Then, I'm not sure what would be the equivalent to zip code.


Well-known member
My forum is not a new one, and we're not in the States. We migrated from vBulletin in june, where all the existing members had filled in 'Location' (it was possible to make it mandatory in vB). Now, because of that I don't want to scrap the whole default location field, but really really need it to be mandatory. Almost none of the new members fills it in after the migration to XenForo - so in some ways it has been a step back.
I agree with the sentiments noted above. I was really looking forward to Custom User Fields for the sole purpose of making the "location" field mandatory. It sounds like it's more complicated to accomplish than I am able to tackle, so add my name to the request list to make the change. Thanks.