XF 1.5 Custom User Fields Problem

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3 years ago I switched from vBulletin to XenForo
I have my custom profile fields.
All hardware and engines of the Seat brand vehicles
(Print screen)

As you can see standing in alphabetical sequence.
Seat when the new engines and equipment production we still have to add the custom profile fields
I want to select new members alphabetically by selecting a vehicle model
I would like to add 20 as examples of hardware model B.
Add 20 to the left side to the right side, I am writing model B
In this way, the problem arises when I add the hardware information.
20. suppose the members as to add new tools that have chosen as the vehicle information is changing.
We have 12,000 members were uncomfortable with this situation.
vehicle information on the profiles of members unchanged, how can I add new models alphabetically hardware?

Example my profile :

I'm not entirely clear on what it is you are asking, but I think it is that when you add new custom fields and update them to be alphabetical, in doing so you update the content and therefore the selections the members have made are no longer relevant.

There is no way around that other than to not update the existing fields and add them as new fields, which means they won't be in alphabetical order.
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