XF 2.2 Custom User Fields in posts


Is it possible to include the value of a custom user field in the body a post?
ie using a template can you add say car_model and have car_model populate from Custom User Field
Sorry misread the title ignore my answer! Haven’t had my coffee yet.

So presumably you want it to appear in all posts by that user?

That is quite a useful idea maybe post it as a suggestion (although I think the answer may be to just use signatures)
Thank you for your interest.
We have a large number of phone users who keep requesting simplified responses
What I am investigating amounts to a simple garage for a 4x4 trip site
Club members would complete vehicle information in the their profile (garage)
When a trip that meets their interest is posted as a thread
the member reviews a generated response provided by a quick reply template and default values from their particular Custom user fields

Quick response presented would look something like this

Vehicle: value from custom user field1
License Plate: value from custom user field2
Experience Level: value from custom user field3

Member can then accept default values and post reply or if necessary override provided values with alternate information and post reply
We are already testing a template add in that provides the headings in a quick response template but providing a psudo auto complete would simplfy things particulaly for mobile users.

PS enjoy your coffee, down under it's time for a glass of wine!
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