XF 1.5 Custom user field question


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Well bleh. There goes that idea.

I'm finally in the process of migrating from vB. Currently have different "supporter groups" that our paid supporters can choose from that change their username to colors that we have setup in advance. Figured that if I could hide the choice custom fields so that only the paid supporters could see it, then I could use group promotions based off of their choice to promote them to a usergroup with the display color they want.

Is there currently anything in XF similar to "display group" in vB?

Thanks :)


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Hmmmmm. Can you tell me if my understanding of promotions is right?

If I make choice fields that everyone can see and interact with, can I make a promotion that will only work if the user is currently a member of a group?

For example:

registered group and supporter group

promotion only runs if user is currently a member of the supporter group