Custom Thread Field {$title} for output


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It seems like all of the custom thread field parameters can be used as variables for styling the output apart from the field name itself which is hardcoded (and set to appear on its own line)

This seems inconsistent and also limits some of the uses as you may want to combine the outputs from several fields without displaying them separately beneath their title.

My suggestion is to make {$field_title} a usable variable and if the custom output styling is used, to remove the title from being automatically displayed (as it can always be included in the styling if required).

This would give much more flexibility to the output.


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It's really not a small change, as it would totally change the automated output of custom fields (name and value are separate, the value formatter has no knowledge of the paired output structure; there are situations where different output is used). A more straightforward approach would probably be an option to not automatically display the custom field and allow you to output it manually, which would allow complete flexibility though with more complexity.


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Is that the same thing? When you say custom field, do you mean the custom field name?

I don't quite understand as field_id is a stylable variable but field_title isn't. Isn't field_title just a single string associated directly to a field_id. I don't get how they're different "things".

What it does at the minute is:

Custom Field Name 1: Content 1
Custom Field Name 2: Content 2

What would be more useful/flexible is:

Content 1
Content 2