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Hello everyone,

I am the proud owner of . I am looking for someone who can create a customized theme for my website. I'm currently using a premium theme that I paid $30 for, and members are satisfied, but I would to offer them a theme that sticks out and doesn't match any other website.

I am not looking for something to break the bank, and unfortunately, my budget is only around $200 tops. However, I am open to pricing negotiations. Please reach out if you can assist!
and members are satisfied
So keep it up and further develop your community. When you have the appropriate means, you can embark on an expensive custom-style project. Unless you get your hands dirty yourself and gradually improve your current style.
It is said that designing a theme costs at least $2,000.
Huh? Mine cost like US$450? Maybe starting from scratch (mine is built off of one of the designer's existing themes) would be more, but I cannot see it costing $2K, let alone more.
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