Custom theme similar to Vanilla

I'm considering using Xenforo but my installation will be a somewhat complex integration with an existing site. Is there an available skin that is very simple - something like the default Vanilla skin? Starting with a skin like this will make my customizations easier. Thanks.


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The default Xenforo skin is very simple and with the well thought out style properties you should be able to integrate your site with no problem. What is your site so we can take a look at it?

Alright I went with Vanilla and have discovered that I made a huge mistake. Is there a good theme designer here that can create a Xenforo skin that looks close to our custom vanilla theme here:

I'm not attached to the all new threads on the home page nor the categories in the left column etc but I would like to replicate the header, colors, fonts, thread view etc as closely as possible. If this can be achieved I'll probably scrap this vanilla install and go with Xenforo.


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Never mind I went ahead and bought a license so I can post in all the forums and find some help. Thanks.
I am sorry for the late response
i think you should worry about redirecting all of your links and importing your forum to xenforo
the header should be easy to duplicate in xf