Xenforo theme similar to vB's Skylight?

I'm new to XF, and not familiar with all the templates or customization yet. I looked through the themes listed on this site and didn't find anything quite close to what I'm looking for, which is something similar to the Skylight theme. Is there anything available?


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This wouldn't be difficult to replicate.Not with the great style system of xenforo.

I haven't seen anything in that design but there are plenty of stylers who wouldn't have any trouble doing this but you would need to request it in the requests area.
Wow! I didn't expect to see you two here. So you ported the Disney boards over to XF? I'll have to drop in and check them out. Yep, I'm experimenting with Xen for the first time. I didn't even see the Request board; still getting my bearings. :)


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xF is wonderful, just missing a few addons/mods to be able to move my sites completely over. But, I am nearly there (y)

You're going to love using xenForo, I guarantee it :)
I think so! I'm really impressed by the speed and ease of use. Once it gets to the point where you really can bring over your Disney board, I look forward to seeing how it will look.