Custom Theme for My Forums (Mobile Game Called Crime Coast)

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I am looking for someone who can do me a very high quality custom Xenforo theme which is related to my mobile game, Crime Coast,

I am looking for someone with a lot of creativity and someone who can put together high quality graphics on PhotoShop or other programmes.

I have some forums which I like:

I would like:
Custom Smiles
Custom Favicon
New Logo
New Footer
And New, high quality, mood chooser icons.

Can you please provide a quote and/or point me in the direction of someone who is superb with Xenforo themes.


I forgot to mention I have loads of game assets and some very high quality game illustrations available to use on the new theme.
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I suggest you to go with @DominicE, he just finished designing and coding a custom theme for my gaming forum a couple weeks ago and it looks absolutely amazing.
It's a tall order considering the bulk request of unique graphics (smilies, mood icons, logo, etc...)
I do quite a bit of Xenforo design and would be happy to assist @Pixel Squad Ltd - Let me know if interested.

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