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Custom Tabs

Custom Tabs 1.6.3

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@Ludachris, try this code (replace the uriMatch method):
public static function uriMatch($uri)
        $requestPaths  = XenForo_Application::get('requestPaths');
        $requestUri    = $requestPaths['requestUri'];
        $fullUri       = $requestPaths['fullUri'];
        $noBasePathUri = substr($requestUri, strlen($requestPaths['basePath']), strlen($requestUri));

        if ($uri == $requestUri
            || $uri == $fullUri
            || $uri == $noBasePathUri
            || preg_match('/[?&]/', $noBasePathUri) && preg_match('@^/?' . preg_quote($uri) . '@', $noBasePathUri))

            return true;

This will work with routes, not full URLs.
That didn't seem to work either. If I create a child tab for each filtering option the tab will stay selected because the URL matches. But that isn't ideal, as there will eventually be a LOT of filtering options, and creating child tabs for all of them doesn't make sense.

Here's an example of a filtered URL that isn't working: