Style Custom Style Request


I am looking for a custom style for my gaming forum based around Minecraft.. I would like to stay near or under $400-500.. and I don't expect it to be a thousand dollar piece of art.

I am tired of people stealing my custom skins, and leaving me with nothing to do about it. Therefore I am considering tossing around money that I don't have for a custom skin.

If you do professional work and have a little bit of past work maybe to show me I would greatly appreciate it.


PM me for Skype information if you have.


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What kind of baking O_O
Baking baking...?

She's doing a cake course currently, and recently won a competition for a cake she made (Book made out of cake with a lot of detail).

She'll still be doing styles occasionally and might take a few interesting customs, but for the most part I've taken over most of her work (Updating her styles for example). I'm also the owner of Xenique now as I've been handling most of the day to day stuff since around Christmas.


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I'm afraid I'm booked up for the next month or so, but thanks for the referral Robinhood! My custom styles start at $600 minimum, btw.