Custom Registration field


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I want too add a few new registration questions. Such as
"IGN: "

So people have to answer the question when signing up, make forum admins jobs
easier handling donations and stuff like that.

I am not sure if its possible, i hope it is though.
Yes it's possible.

Admin CP > Users > Custom Profile Fields

I went there. I added one, and when i tried to create a new account it wasn't there.

I want it under "Name" field. (Which also isn't listed in those choices)

Edit: I clicked "Show in Registration" and "Required" but it still don't show up.
You can't really choose the location without modifying templates - maybe be less concerned with that right now.

The options you say you've chosen should show the profile field on registration. Maybe delete that field and start again and make sure it is set up correctly.

Is it possible that the templates have been edited and the code that displays custom fields be removed?
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