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For both media and resources I'd like the options of a custom path on where items are saved. I have a SAN on the network with much more storage than the servers themselves, resources and images can add up fast. In fact as a new XF user starting at 2.1 I don't even see where I can customize the attachment save path. Please consider admin defined paths for binary items.
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While it's not specifically what you're mentioning here, I think we should call this implemented as it is already possible to move these files.

The MG and RM files are both just built on top of the core attachments system. Thus, to move those files, you'd be moving all of the attachments and any other internal data files (image proxy cache, sitemaps, etc).

This is done via several potential config.php options: Note that if you change this location, you'd need to move the existing files. Notably, it's $config['internalDataPath'] here.

If you do change this, you may want to change $config['codeCachePath'] and $confg['tempDataPath'] separately to ensure that they are on the local drive for optimization. (By default, they are stored within the internal data path.)