XF 1.5 Custom Page - iFrame - Rogue Nav Bar


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On our forum, we run a custom page which has a responsive iFrame, displaying a responsive page within. Lime Survey for anyone who's used it.

I don't think iFrames are ideal, but we are midway through a project that will see the end of this, but that's still quite some time away.

Everything works perfectly across devices, except iPhones. This isn't browser specific, but then, I think they all use the same engine on iPhone anyway.


I'm wondering if anyone has seen anything like this before, and how I would go about fixing it. If not, I'm hoping someone can tell me if there is any sort of emulator available, with a code inspector, to help me identify what's going on here.

The user states that he is not able to scroll down any further, so that could be the iFrame, however, he also states that when flicking down from the top of the page (non iframe area), it also won't continue scrolling beyond this point.



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from the basic image you posted, it looks like the nav is broken because of the height of the iframe , have you got the iframe height as 100%?