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I currently use the "staff" add on page for showing a roster page for my forums but the page loads awfully slow, has limited sorting options, and doesn't contain as much information as I would like to use as a basic roster listing and contact page.

I do not think the project is very demanding, but I'm not a developer so I could be totally wrong :) I have 5 custom profile fields I would like included on the page and would like at least 1 or 2 of those fields hidden so only select usergroups can see the data. If anyone is interested in taking on a paid project like this, please message me here and I'll respond very promptly. Here is a sample of what I'm looking for the final outcome. Capture_RosterPage.PNG


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If those are genuine telephone numbers, I would recommend editing the image to remove them.
I'll say that those Pittsburgh based number (minus 843, no idea what area code that is for) are utterly fake. lol.

Thanks for the concern and notification but they are false :) 123-4567 for a phone number, really? :)
Brogan is from the UK, where phone numbers are drastically different. 1234567 may be a pretty valid phone number from his area.


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Believe it or not, I've actually owned 1234567, 1111111 and a few other weird numbers.
I worked for a couple of telecoms starts ups and programmed the SIMs myself :D


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I didn't even see the "Chicago, IL" listed there. :cautious: I shouldn't be doing anything but sleeping right now... lol. I am a developer, but for right now I'm not doing custom work.


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Thanks, but still needing someone to help with the page layout, I'd like it as close as possible to the example image I posted.