Custom Logo Wanted


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Looking for a custom logo,
Any interested, send a PM,

Here is brief details:

Here is my custom login page that sends call to xenforo login, works well:

OverHulled __ Login-00.png

Here is where I want the logo:

OverHulled __ Login-01.png

The logo would need to be transparent to match the text input boxes. Here is what I am thinking,

I will try and describe what I am after for each text line of below pic:


Dont Tread On Me > Replaced with overHulled (same font)
American Brand > Replaced with American Made (same font)
Original Authentic Purveyor Of The American Spirit > Original Authentic Purveyor Of The American Towed Beer Fridge (same font) No need for middle image)
Trade Established in 1754 Mark > Trade Established in 2013 Mark
Born In The USA > Born In The USA (same font)
Fine Quality Cut & Sew > Fine Quality Hops Towed Daily (same font)

Same outline work, but no background, transparent so it can be placed on the login pages, but match the text boxes...I think....that would look cool,

Send me a quote if this something you think you can do. I am hoping someone can shop the pic attached with text edits, and other said tweaks, to keep cost down, rather than re-invent (but am open to ideas) the logo from scratch. But let me know, I am looking for the same feel and look just changed to suit my page and I want to keep the outline(s) art.

I would drop the image onto the login page, just need a .png of the logo,

Thanks in advance for those that reply,