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Lack of interest Custom fields for Report Center


Well-known member
Custom fields for reports would be very useful. It would allow admins to define fields that they want members to fill in when reporting an item.

There are many ways that admins can use this function.
Here are some examples/possibilities of what the admin may want to members to fill in:
  • Select which rule is broken: dropdown
  • If they feel the post should be hidden from view: Tickbox
  • If it is spam: Tickbox
  • Notify admin: Yes/No
  • Staff member to address: tickbox
  • Priority level: dropdown
  • Suggested action: tickbox
The possibilities are endless as admins could use custom fields however they like or need.


Well-known member
Yes, but that is just one of many fields that could be used.
My suggestion would basically turn the report center into a project tools / support ticket type setup. But just for reports.