Custom Field Upload Attatchments

Adam K M

Active member

I was wondering how I would go about setting up a custom user field (well, actually a custom thread field powered by Waindigo's plugin) which acts the same as the 'upload a file' button below the XenForo User Field, and it let's users upload files with extensions of my own choice. (I'm looking at allowing common image formats, mp3's, and .zip's - kind of doing something similar to XF's "resource" plugin, but lots of different formatting types - ie. embedding soundcloud, videos, pictures, special titles, etc.).

This is currently under creation for a custom blog system, with my own add-on running concurrently with waindigo's user fields add-on. (His handles the data, mine handles the processing / php call-backs and formatting) Unfortunately, in this case the ability to upload files does not exist - so my own plugin needs to do the heavy lifting there - which is the reason I need help!