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RM 1.1 Custom Field Placement

Is it possible to modify the resource_view template and manually place in the code to show custom fields i have created? How would I do that?

I have a field named xHdXmax. I would like to create my own layout within the resource_view template and have it display that field where ever I put (conditional?) to make the value for that field to show.


XenForo developer
Staff member
The field value may be available in the template as {$resource.customFields.xHdXmax} though note that this may not be available in all templates. You could then display the value as you wish. However, that won't necessarily hide the standard display of the value. There isn't really a way around that without further code changes unfortunately.
That is perfect, thanks! For what I am doing, I simply removed the default method from the template and am just using the field value you provided. I have 64 fields and the entire thing is covered without the need for the message box. ;)