Custom dices ?


I've been working on a project for a while now, but I'm having an issue.
The project is requiring something like an dice roll add-on with specificities.
A quote to explain:

Is it possible to a similar system like the Forumotion/Forumactif one ?
If you don't know it, let me explain:

We'd simply pick in a downlist which options we'd choose. For the example, we'd have 2 options: Attack and Defense.

Let's say we click on Attack. After sending the message, there would be a message after the original one that would show the result of the dice with a simple image (which means no text, no css). It could be image X or Y, depending of the result of the dice roll.

It seems simple, but is it actually possible ?
If I could get more help than a simple "search for an add-on", I'd be so grateful. I did look for some add-ons, but none are good enough for it. The only one is the Postbot one.. that requires PHP, which I legitely don't know.

Please, if you can help, that would be life-saving.


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  • Strip out count-down timer, list functionality
  • Use mt_rand instead of rand (php7 does this anyway)
  • Fix compatibility issue with XF1.3 and up
  • Use SVG's for images
  • Cleanup transaction handling
  • Merge/Copy moderator action support
  • Actually implement server side security for add-on actions (ie checking permission for rolling a dice).
  • Add flooding checks
I'm not sure if I'll release this as an add-on itself. This is functionally a complete rewrite of the original "Throw a Dice" add-on.

You can give a dice roll a 'name', but it doesn't enforce it