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Im looking for a developer who is able to fix a few bugs with my current custom player stats addon, and able to create a new one where i am able to compare two players stats against each others.

players? stats? To give a basic overview, i run a sports forum. The sport is Rugby League however you dont need knowledge of the game in order to work on this. Information of my site and what it currently has (which has been further enhanced) is here :

I currently show player stats on their player profile :

I also allow users to query stats in a variety of categories as shown here :

- What i want is for users to be able to select two players side by side (possibly from two different teams), and compare their statistics, for the current season, past season, and see averages per game etc.

Something along the lines of these :

- Nice to have feature would be page URL of the statistics compared, that can be shared and linked to via the forum or on other websites.
- all the information is currently stored in a custom database, and have few examples of the data being pulled from there into my other custom addons.
- my stats addon ( currently has all the stats i would want to query the players against, code can be shared to make things easier, especially for the averages.
- I like graphical outputs, so if there can be markers or highlighters on each stat and show who is the better player in each stat via the values, that would be even better. Something like this :

Want to get this done and tested by end of January.

Will do up mock screens and provide further information, help the design and test with the chosen developer further.