Custom design


I am having a wordpress site designed HERE and will need to customize xenforo to fit that design.
This new xenforo version 1.2 is said to make graphic customization easier. If someone could send me a link
that explains how it is done so I can show it to my designer, it would be great. My designer said that
to do it for a new type of forum software would make it more difficult because he would need to learn
about it first.

I will need small apps like a member app where a member can make his own personal notes visable only to
him/her. Basically an app where you have the text editor on top of the page and all the notes submitted below.
Then also a search function and something to keep track of notes.
Then I will use DAP membership software to make it accessible for people who have paid for that app only.

I had this app created for wordpress but I am tired of wordpress with the never ending updates and feels it is unreliable. I am hoping Xenforo to be more reliable ?

I would also need an app where a member should be able to upload pictures, Size limit 5MB to a personal
space wheere they will be stored.