XF 2.1 Custom Code Block Formatting - How?


Hello! I run a large programming forum and we're using Xenforo 2.1. The ability to format and colour code from different languages in posts is great, but I'd like to expand the available list to include other languages and correctly format them. However I can find no information on how this might be done, so if anyone can point me in the right direction or give me a little guidance I'd much appreciate it!

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Joe Kuhn

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Are you still interested and if so, what languages are you interested in adding? I'm working on adding FoxPro since my forum covers FoxPro to C# translations. I've installed this addon as a starting point:

Here's more documentation for the addon:

My next step is to get FoxPro working correctly. I worked through the directions for the addon to add FoxPro as an optional language in the list. Then pulled down the PrismJS JavaScript file for VisualBasic, changed the name of the file and the name of the language from VisualBasic to FoxPro in the header and footer. After installing the file according to the addon directions, I've now got color in my FoxPro code snippets. It's not the right color, but that's next...

Where are you at?
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