XF 1.4 Custom BBCode

Trying to implement MathJax. I've added the code to the page_container_js_head template, but I now have absolutely no idea what I'm doing :)

How do I setup a custom BBcode? Baring in mind I have little/no code knowledge. I see the option under BB codes & smilies, but the setup page means nothing to me. What do I put in what boxes? :(

Would any fine chap be able to post an example screenshot or something with an explanation of what each box means? I'm learning as I'm going.


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Looking at how MathJax works, it looks like it doesn't really detect tags -- it detects TeX or AsciiMath which are just embedded inline. As such, you wouldn't need a custom BB code; you'd just need to include MathJax with the correct configuration (to enable TeX/AsciiMath) and it should be parsing the math automatically.