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Custom Background Support for Users - Saved via cookies

The background changer may not be used for total beginners because implementation depends from style to style! You need to do the css-stuff yourself as I cannot provide it for every single page and there are a lot of decisions you can make here.

This instruction is about how to implement a custom background changer for your users. The background is saved in a cookie to not cause any additional storage information on your server. It is then called with a custom callback for the user into the...
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Lukas W.

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Yeah, the demo is down by now because I'm moving my page to a new domain. I've also created a new version working with a custom user field, but I haven't yet found time to update the ressource.

Lukas W.

Formerly katsulynx
As the simple nature of the addon, I don't think any screenshots are necessary. You'll just have a simple field inside the user profile settings where he can enter an url which will be used as his background.

For demo instances, you can do the work above in less then five minutes on every XenForo board or demo.


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Really cool mod, but I'll probably hold off until I find a way to make this only available for certain user groups.

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Now an addon!

I've put a lot of work into this to make it more friendly to set up for all of you. As I'm new to this materia, please be patient if not everything is working as it should, I'll fix it as soon as possible if so. However I haven't seen any problems for so long.

This version offers you the following benefits:
  1. A new "settings" page, to make installation as easy as possible. Template edits should not be necessary for the everyday forum hoster any more.
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Lukas W.

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Not yet, but I am working on an addon which will make it possible to limit Custom Fields to certain usergroups. As soon as I got that working, you can use it to do so.