XenForo - Adding custom background button for any post (in a post editor for any user)


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I have a few questions about Custom background for any post from any user.

  1. Adding custom button (icon) in to a post editor.
  2. Setting rules for the background image: should hover a whole post background but always be behind post text/images and other insert codes. E.G: you have a custom width for any post 690px, so even when your custom backround image will be larger then these 690px, it will auto adjust to the 690px width.
  3. Adding options to the custom button, so user can choose how they may upload the background image: link/upload.
  4. And yes all uploaded images should be placed in the same directory as all others do.
So whats the good starting point here? Thank you!
Here we go, some example of how it should look:


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That would be a cool feature. You want the image to be defined per post and not per user? Either way requires an addon to facilitate the upload. You should post a request:

Yes, I want it to be defined only for the single post and not for the all user posts.

Well before to post the request i want to talk a lil bit about it here if it possible, plus I ve a few more features following with this one so if I will post the request I will post it with a few more features. I understand that if I'm posting this question, probably it will take more time for me 2 manage and complete the work in a comparason 2 other designers but still, I'm very curious :giggle: