Browser issue Cursor stays on same line if enter is pressed after text is entered (Gboard)


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When using Chrome on Android, if some text is typed in the editor, and then enter is pressed, the cursor doesn't move to the line below like it should, it stays in place.
This is after pressing enter:
I've attempted to reproduce this but can't.

What keyboard are you using specifically?
The user I have complaining is using a Galaxy S7 with the default keyboard (which I believe is Samsung specific). I'll try and extract some more information from them.
I can reproduce this in Gboard, though not with Samsung Keyboard or SwiftKey. I can also reproduce it in Froala, CKEditor and TinyMCE, which makes me think this is very much a Gboard bug. Unfortunately, that means that there's very likely nothing we can do about it. You should still be able to move the cursor manually at least (obviously not ideal).

I will leave this open for now to see if anything comes up.
On further questioning, it does appear that my user was (unknowingly) also using Gboard. I had them switch to a new keyboard and we're all good now.
Still an issue:
Also Gboard, but only XenForo forums not other forums or social etc.
Does anyone know if XF reported this to Froala? It seems to be a Froala + Gboard issue. Or is XF not reporting those issues as 2.3 will have a new version?
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The cursor actually stays in place but the new line is added. You will see the editor expand if you press enter multiple times. Then click into a line and you will see it is there and typeable and the cursor will move there. You can then backspace out the lines and start typing on line 2. This is the only way I can type on line 2. Press enter and then tap there onto the line as the cursor does not follow it.
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