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XF 1.1 "Current Visitors"


Well-known member
When I check "Current Visitors" on my site, or when I look at what a member is doing as displayed on their Profile

it often says "Viewing Category."
Surely it should say the name of the category?

"Current Visitors" on my site is called "Visitors Online Now"

Also I'm puzzled to see a lot of Guest entries apparently viewing my Profile, the Members list, a forum page. I thought I had all that set to private.

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
The category controller doesn't report the name of the category being viewed, so that is normal.

If a user doesn't have permission to view member profiles then it will just say, "Viewing members." Otherwise it will report the name of the profile.


Well-known member
Jake thank you. I logged out and looked around - it looked OK. But I feel much more reassured if you say that's enough too.