Current post id from bb code formatter


I'm trying to find out the post id a bb code belongs to from the bb code formatter.
I've dump recursively the three arrays I have access to from that bb code callback: tag, renderStates and view parameters but it seems they do not contain the information I'm looking for.

Now knowing that the view is of type XenForo_ViewPublic_Thread_View I'm trying to fish that information from some other callback.
Surely somewhere there is a loop that goes through each posts on the page and renders the bb codes.
I wonder if I can somehow dump the callstack from PHP, that could help I guess.
That or proper development documentation, ho wait...


Here is my callstack:
Here is the code I used to produce it:
  public function whoDidThat()
        $count = 0;
        foreach($who as $k=>$v)
            if ($count++ > 0)
                if ( $count>2)
        return $result;
Now I just have to dig.


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This isn't something that would generally be exposed to the BB code parser.