Current Phone Blackberry Bold 9000, Next Up Blackberry Torch or iPhone4 ?


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So, I've had my Blackberry Bold 9000 for nearly two years and I'm looking to upgrade for my next phone.

I've narrowed my search to the Blackberry Torch or going to the 'dark side' and picking up an iPhone4.

What should I do? Should I stay in the BB family or head over to the Apple family? Or, should I be looking at another option? :confused:


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I've got a Google Nexus One and I've been seeing friends iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS... even those that were released before the Google Nexus One look so much nicer and whatnot... I just seem to fully enjoy their interface and screen quality, as well as battery life and signal strength. I'm trying to switch from it to an iPhone 4 unlocked from Canada. So... I'd recommend iPhone 4.
Check out some of the latest Android powered phones if you can like the HTC Incredible, Moto Droid 2, etc etc.

If you cant get those, then iPhone 4. RIM is just a sitting duck in water, waiting to be sunk.


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I heard the Android powered phones are pretty good as well. Hmm....darn, I'm leaning towards the iPhone4 with one eye on the Android powered phones :)


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iPhone4 - but then I've never used an Andriod phone (although some of my CC members swear by them ... :) )

I like the range of apps for the iPhone and often use mine as a mini-mobile-laptop - for example, last night (whilst shopping in Tesco's) I managed to; RDP to my office PC to check my old-style email system for confirmation my vB license had been transferred to the buyer, browse to xenForo and buy my xF license, RDP to my office PC again to download the software and FTP it onto my server, then SSH to my server in London to unzip it.

After all that I then used my Tesco Clubcard app to collect the points for my shopping ... and all from my phone. In't technology brilliant? :D

Shaun :D

PS. Like many people I mostly use my i4 for games ... but don't tell anyone that ... it's just between you and me, okay?!!

PPS. The screen is amazingly crisp and clear, and I have used this one more than any mobile I've ever owned in the past.


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I would personally look at going towards android powered device. The htc Desire is a very nice piece of kit and I know they've just released a htc desire hd. You may want to check their site out. :)
So my brother won an Windows Phone 7 over the weekend at a Launch party in Miami, (got invited because he's one of the top phone salesmen in that area) and word has it, that the operating system for windows 7 phones maybe better than the iPhone (and the man, hugs the nuts of his beloved iPhone).

If you can wait for the windows 7 phone to give it a spin, it maybe worth your time as well. The only thing is what apps are you gonna have to have.


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Having used iPhones, various Android phones and Blackberry devices, I have no compunction in making a very strong recommendation toward iPhone.


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Go for the iphone. I was a blackberry die hard, but recently, RIM has been very disappointing in keeping up with the technology. I just wish Iphone 4 handled email the way blackberry does.


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I also have Bold 9000 and switching to iPhone 4 in 2 weeks. I also get my iPad yesterday which is totally an amazing product.


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I'd like to thank everyone for their suggestions thus far! :)

Go for the iphone. I was a blackberry die hard, but recently, RIM has been very disappointing in keeping up with the technology. I just wish Iphone 4 handled email the way blackberry does.
goblues, what is the main difference in the email between the iPhone and BB? I love how BB handles emails, so I'd want to be prepared for what I'm in store for ;)


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I am not sure of the difference in technology, however I can tell you this. The "push" feature for email on the iphone isn't a true push. Also, on blackberry, if you delete your email, it sync's the sever as well, meaning that email gets deleted from the server. Iphone has this feature but I have not gotten it to work properly.