XF 2.0 Curiosity question... why the recommendation of odd numbers for the add-on version state?


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Back in 1.0 they stated you didn't have to nor was there any reason to follow that pattern. That's just how they did Xenforos. I guess now its a recommendation.

Just how they do it. Consistency.


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If you take a suffix of 11 as being Alpha 1 and a suffix of 31 being Beta 1 then it actually means you have wiggle room for 19 alpha releases in total.
Ah, that makes sense. So a suffix of 21, for example, could be Alpha 10, while 41 could be beta 10, and so on.

Thanks for the explanation. I'm finally starting to dip into creating XF2 add-ons so I'm going through the "read the dev docs with a fine tooth comb" phase. :D

Chris D

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You’re off by one there, but basically yeah.

Alpha 1 = 11
Alpha 9 = 19
Alpha 10 = 20