CTA Table BB Code

CTA Table BB Code 1.1.1

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Hey thanks for this. I'm using CTA Table BB Code 1.1.1 but I am not sure if I can enable it to work with 2.0? Care to share how you made it work on your site? I see my as legacy but not sure what to do from there?

I added the custom bbcode manually in the ACP.


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@DL6 Sorry if I'm being ignorant, but does that mean you just pasted the code you provided earlier into extra.css and nothing else? Because I did paste that code in my extra.css (using the default 2.0 style) and the it does not work. I'm sure there's a step I'm missing?


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It works for me but places like a huge gap of empty space before the table begins. Anyone know how to correct that? This did not seem to happen until the latest forum patch update.

Screen Shot 2022-06-25 at 10.39.29 PM.png